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He may only be young but he has set a high standard for the rest of his life! Alex works at the Mega Garbolino Lindholme Lakes complex near Doncaster and is on hand to give advice in the shop about any Garbolino products you may be interested in; he can also tell you how to fish every peg on the whole complex! And if you are interested in improving your skills he also offers coaching lessons by the hour, which are well worth the cost.

He has had some huge weights at the fishery including his biggest match weight: 270lb laurels lake Lindholme which is still a lake record. He regards winning a round last year’s UK Angling Champs as the highlight of his career so far, and his ambitions are to eventually win one of the big money finals, we are sure he will too!


- Lindholme winter league winner 2016

- Lindholme festival top 10 2016

- U.K. Champs round win boddington reservoir 2016

- Lindholme lakes laurels record holder 270lb

- Lindholme summer festival 3rd overall 2014

- Qualified junior fishomania 2013

- Junior national 2nd overall 2013

- Westwood lakes intermediate pole champs 2014 2nd overall

- Numerous open match wins