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Colin Scott


Colin is a northern lad from Bury in Lancashire. He grew up fishing local park lakes from the age of 9, this wetted his appetite for the sport and soon joined a local angling club at junior level. After years of succes at club level he advanced on to the local open match scene. Competeing in winter leagues against all ages using bloodworm and joker on deep local mill ponds, he soon got to grips of this step up in match fishing. Back to back winter league victories pushed him forward to join Lord Nelson A.C.

Fishing commercial venues was a different kettle of fish, but as soon as he settled and got to grips with the different techniques and approaches the results spoke for themself. Fishing many top northern venues such as Woodlands Lakes, The Oaks, Brookside and Partirdge, It was only a matter of time before a top northern angling team Garbolino Elton picked him up. He continued to push himself further and after years of dedication  became captain of this highly succesful team. To top this off he has faught his way through to a Fish O Mania final and also won the UK Carp Angling Championships. 





Fishomania Finalist 2017

Commercial National team bronze medal winner with Garbolino

UK Carp champion 2017

UK Carp finalist 2016

BCAC finalist 2018

2x individual winter league winner

4x Partridge lakes winter league team winner

2x Partridge lakes winter league team runner up

Partridge lakes individual league runner up

County championship qualifier 1st place

Numerous open match wins

Nominated best all-round angler, Anglers mail 2017

Nominated match man of the year, Anglers Mail 2017

Nominated team of the year Anglers Mail 2017

Top Tips: 

Always fish with an open mind, no two days are the same

Catching fish on the drop is a massive part of my fishing, keep tweaking your rig to get that perfect natural fall of the bait.  

Having a depth marker on your top kit is key, however during a match make sure you re plumb your swim, the depth can change, fish can dig out the clay, water levels can change, and then you will not be presenting at the depth you think you are.


In windy conditions fish will feel more confident and will come closer to your peg, don’t try to fish at uncomfortable distance’s, fish where you can present your bait.


Fishing on slopes is a massive edge in winter, fish become lazy and do not want to tilt up to feed, when you present a rig on a slope at the correct depth, fish will feed more freely as the bait is in the perfect position for the fish to feed with out tilting down.