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A BIG warm welcome to the all-new Garbolino UK website! Designed to be much more informative in terms of products available, old and new, as well as news and views on activities in and around angling involving Garbolino. There will be lots of informative features from our top anglers, and Kian Wardle and Darren Cox kick us off with two very interesting accounts of their angling recently. Kian talks you through the first round of the Drennan Knockout at Heronbrook Fisheries and Darren talks about making the most of skimmer fishing when they creep shallow in the warmer months. There are also a few interseting film clips on fishing as well as product informational videos. Look out for us on Twitter and Facebook and keep in touch telling us what has happened to you recently. Send us a picture and you never know you might even get a name check on the here, Twitter or Facebook if the picture is good enough quality!