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This rod has a lot of progressive power in the butt and middle in order to handle big carp on heavy lines as well as 'pasties'. Don't be misled thinking such a short rod can't work for big fish. This little beauty is perfect for all your short distance commercial method, standard feeder or bomb work. This rod takes control of fish when playing them meaning that you can get them in quickly and safely without any fuss.
A short rod needs a tip action for big fish rather than a parabolic one, this way you are in charge and not the fish.
There is a new addition to the range for this year, the Light Commercial Bomb is perfect for winter when you need to scale down hook and line sizes in clearer water, or when F1's are the main target. Both rods come complete with 4 variable strength tips. Not cheap but quality never is!

These rods come eqipped with 1 1/4 oz & 1/2 oz carbon tip and
1 1/4 oz & 1/2 oz glass fibre tip.

Reel Lines: 2lb - 5lb
Hook Lengths: 2lb - 4lb/0.10mm -0.16mm