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Perfect rods for carp or bream feeder/bomb fishing. Progressive through actions also improve casting and enable the angler to put extreme amounts of safe pressure on big fish at the net. These rods help land a bigger percentage of fish hooked, and quicker too! The 11' will cast standard feeders or medium method feeders comfortably up to 65-70 meters.
The two 13' versions are designed for when you need that bit more power whether fishing for carp at distance or barbel under your rod tip in a snaggy powerful river swim.
Tastefully finished off with modest graphics, quality hard wearing SIC feeder guides and Fuji reel seat. The 11ft & 12ft rods come with four different grades of quiver tips: -
1 x 1/2oz glass
1 x 1/2oz carbon
1 x 3/4oz carbon
1 x 1oz carbon

Both 13ft versions come with 3 heavier carbon tips.
Recommended Reel lines: 2lb - 6lb